Kajona Language File Editor

By introducing the Kajona Language File Editor, we provide a graphical application to edit and manage the text-files of a Kajona installation.

The editor provides functions to edit already existing language-entries, to create new entries, and to create and manage entries in different languages.

Requirements, Installation

The Language File Editor is written using Java 1.6. This requries an installed Java Runtime Engine using at least version 1.6 (Java 6).

The editor can be used using all current windows-versions, macOSX and linux.

To use the editor, all you have to do is download the zip-archive, extract it to your local machine and start it by running either the .sh- or the .bat file.

At the first startup, you have to specify the path to your local Kajona installation.

 >>> Direct download Kajona Language Editor V2 (Kajona V4) 

 >>> Direct download Kajona Language Editor V1 (Kajona V3)


V 1.3:

  • Copy and paste within a single file is possible, too

V 1.2:

  • Entries can be copied and pasted into another file
  • Ctrl+S as a shortcut to save all current modifications

Screenshots of the editor running on linux and windows:

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