The new filesystem layout


V4 will bring a totally restructured filesystem. This post will bring a first glance.

The filesystem-layout know by Kajona v3 will get obsolete in v4 since it was restructured from scratch. Well, at least for some parts.

This post will try to illustrate some of the changes.

Looking at the new filesystem, the most significant changes are the new folder on the top-level. In v4, this are:


Let's have a look at each of them.

The core folder contains all modules whereas each module is structured in the way as known from v3. So, a common module will provide a structure like

Nevertheless, in the future there's no need to change anything below /core.

The files-folder contains all files (such as downloads, images, cached images) required by the current installation. In most cases, those files are accessible by the remote-hosts.

Located under project, all project-specific, non-public files will be found. This includes the current config.php, database-dumps or logfiles.

Another big change and improvement will be the templates-folder. In contrast to v4, the template-folder will contain several template-packs, each acting independent from another. To reduce the work required to create a new template-pack, a default-pack will remain to guarantee a fallback-mechanism.

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